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Ball of yarn interconnect messes/untangling into the hourly night you/wish could fix this instant though it’s/far from undone,/the endless yellow interweaves,/the blue-red ombre fades/into green and black tied/inside your chest

You yearn to cut out the entangled/Blue-red days yet it still remains,/still makes you want to curse out the/hallow hearts’ core drowning in/knotted-knives in your chest as colors/burst out another string,/another yarn/another blue/another red/another green/and another/yellow

(wine glasses clink)

In honor of Women’s History Month

Men in suits cannot exist without/the help of women bearing them/as infants, without women they/cannot make money, without them/they would be wordless

Men need women to calm their/doubts when they are down,/when they feel like tears may/drop down their cheeks, or/when they want a family

Men are like clouds in the air/as women are like the wind,/clouds cannot stay afloat until/the wind blows from east to/west in the cities

Inspiration of the Poem

What drove me to write about ‘Isolation’ was a few months into the pandemic where my state was under a stay-at-home order, and it made me think about how many may be feeling frustrated in the moment (myself included). We were unable to hug our loved ones. We could not see our friends nor family. All shops and restaurants were closed. Businesses were going downhill… there were more low points that year no one had ever expected. …

Inspired by Instagrammer, laurabpilates

Love: (1) strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; (2) attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers

What is true love they ask to me? It is/two people holding each other’s hearts/with skipping beats growing steady as/one shares to one another their zipped/secrets they tucked away for decades

A feeling we float atop of clouds we/do not ever want to come down from/when exposing our soul we confess in/confined boxes or shed tears upon the/couch we sit across free of dollars

Love is more than a touch to our hand/As it serenades sweet soulless words it/is two people slowly walking together in/the unknown abyss with a touch of faith/illuminating two faint hearts


4 months into the Pandemic and the stay-at-home order

Together we wither away/inside what would happen/next no one imagined it/A disease racing without/seize stopping small shops/busy businesses/and wide worlds/worrying less life brought us/Staying in a “safe place”/they say can drive me to be/insane inside my mental mind/W.C. does not want a seat/on couches keeping infection/uprising under our “less”/risk skin so,

Stop your selfish senses/Stay inside to save lives/we can survive 3 simple/steps of all precaution/so mind your social stand/let boredom crawl in your/hands powering creation/with patience to test your/sweet sins’ imagination,/take it or forsake it all/the mistakes we make/again and again until we/can go outside to mend/what brought us here/we thought was the end.

What inspired you to write this poem?

Basically, I wanted this poem to be about what I face as a Filipino female and as a minority living in America. I constantly wonder whether I will be made fun (which I have) because of the culture I may practice, or the food people commonly stereotype Asians eat (like dog or bats). The most stereotypical moment I came across while growing were making assumptions that as an Asian you are automatically categorized as “Chinese”. Although, it is not the case since Asia has a wide range of ethnic background like Malaysia, Philippines…

Who am I? I ask myself /Just a tan woman nobody/sees through, a figment/imagery of an island girl/sent from the Philippines/They wish they have black,/ jet hair filled with a certain/ coconut smell except…

I look at myself alone/mirrors echoing flaws/people may fail to see/above the blue waves,/ deep in the Mariana/ Trench nobody can see/ the struggle swimming/ up as an ex-immigrant/ fitting in as an American

I wish I was not tan; I wish/ for blonde hair and blue eyes/ Swimming up for air the/ planes may see me then,/ not near the surface yet/ only catching glimmers/of the sea covering life/ living among coral reefs

Hey there,

My name is Gaby and you are officially reading my first post on this blog! How exciting! For a little background about myself, I recently graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Creative Writing. I enjoy reading, writing (of course), baking, spending time with my family, and so much more I cannot list on here. Besides that, I have been writing poems and short stories for awhile now where I post some of my other work on Instagram. …

Gaby L

Hi there! My name is Gaby, and I write poetry and short stories from time to time. Check out my Instagram, @gandasalita for other poets I feature!

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